The Restoration Fund

The Raynham Restoration account covers the repairs and refurbishment of pictures, furniture, wall hangings and antique light fittings. Some examples are listed, by no means everything is covered but it is a fair indication of how the fund is to be used. It is for the enhancement of this great house rather than the plumbing.

Completed projects

  • Extensive and continuing restoration of an Aubusson rug in the Belisarius room - The Persian Carpet Studio - 2012 & 2017
  • Restoration of two mirrored sconces in the Red Saloon - Norfolk Decorative Antiques - 2013
  • Restoration of gilded frame and installation of antiqued mirrored glass - Norfolk Decorative Antiques & Alasdair Gregorie - 2013
  • Installation of antiqued mirrored glass in the State Dining Room - Alasdair Gregorie - 2013
  • Diagnostic X-Ray of panel painting of Sir Roger Townshend - Kiffy Stainer-Hutchins & Co - 2016
  • Repainting of walls in Saloon back to original colour - Lady Townshend, Richard Sidell & Susanne Rose
  • Historic dining chair repair - Alasdair Gregorie - 2013
  • Picture frames repaired and stabilised - Norfolk Decorative Antiques/Alasdair Gregorie - 2012/13
  • Three Edwardian crystal waterfall hanging lights restored and rehung in the Saloon and the Morning Room - Norfolk Decorative Antiques & Peter Bircham Electrical - 2014
  • Restoration of plasterwork and newly discovered panelling in the 2nd floor Lake Bedroom - Corinthian Plastercraft, Aylwin Eke & Son, Richard Sidell & in-house team - 2014
  • Reupholstery and repair of suite of 8 japanned and decorated chairs for the Music Room - Margaret Sheridan - 2013
  • Restoration of wooden floors in Small Dining Room & Morning Room - Richard Sidell & in-house team - 2016
  • Regilding and paint restoration of 10 French style C18th chairs & 2 sofas in Red Saloon - Margaret Sheridan - 2017
  • Repair, stripping, conservation and painting of 2 Oriel windows in the gables of the West front – Richard Sidell - 2017-2018
  • Frame and glass repair of several watercolours - Michael & Ann Chappel of Toftrees - 2018

Planned Restoration Projects

  • £1,000 - One 6 tier Edwardian crystal waterfall hanging light awaits reconstruction and repair for imminent installation in the Music Room. Rescued from a cellar floor, it has lain in pieces, unloved, for at least 60 years.
  • £500 - One very large gilded frame needs antique mirror glass before rehanging.
  • £15,000 - The identification in 2016 of the sitter in a portrait as being Sir Roger Townshend, the gentleman architect and builder of Raynham Hall was an exciting moment. It was listed as "Man with ruff on panel". Extensive comparison with other family portraits and initial historical research on dating indicates the probability. The panel is split, more paint is in danger of flaking off and he is currently rather disfigured by ‘holding tape’ down his nose.
  • £2,500 - Conservation and cleaning of the portrait of Admiral Sir Roger Townshend (grandfather of above). It is painted on panel and there is damage where the panels join and grime is obscuring the portrait.
  • £2,500 - Cleaning of portrait of family member via the Bacon connection; John or Edward Cooke from Gidea Hall. One of the finest early portraits in the Hall.
  • £2,500 - Cleaning of portrait of Mildmay Fane, 2nd Earl of Westmorland; sitter newly identified. He was the second husband of Mary, widow of Sir Roger Townshend (the builder of the Hall).
  • £2,500 - Cleaning of newly identified portrait of William Harrison. A Royalist he died in a skirmish with Parliamentary troops whilst in his twenties. His father Sir John Harrison built Balls Park which became a Townshend house. His sister Anne who married Sir Richard Fanshawe, a close and loyal friend of King Charles II, wrote a moving memoir of her life.
  • £2,500 - Restoration of portrait of Sir Richard Fanshawe, courtier and friend of King Charles II (see above).
  • £35,000 - Restoration of 3 pictures depicting the children of Charles I including the nationally important pair of pendant portraits depicting Princesses Elizabeth and Henrietta. The restoration figure includes a substantial amount for extensive and necessary historical research and authentication. Considered to have been given to Horatio Townshend by Charles II in gratitude for the former’s considerable part played in the Restoration of the monarchy. The American Friends of British Art, based in Florida, spearheaded funding for the initial cleaning and restoration of the portrait of Princess Henrietta revealing a hidden masterpiece almost certainly painted by Cornelius Johnson. The restoration has begun but halts when we run out of funds.